#SalzburgSurft – the WiFi Network

Since spring 2011 ist is possible to browse the world-wide web in Salzburg for free! At selected locations The city of Salzburg together with Tourismus Salzburg GmbH and Altstadt Marketing GmbH Salzburg is offering a free WiFi network in co-operation with various partners.

The free WiFi initiative #SalzburgSurft is constantly being extended. Salzburg’s free hotspots are heavily used by locals as well as by tourists. No matter if you use a computer, a tablet or a smartphone – a few clicks are enough to get online.

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In order to use the free WiFi network, you need a device that is capable of browsing the Internet (e.g. laptop, tablet or smartphone). After selecting the open WiFi network #SalzburgSurft you are being redirected to a portal page. On this page, the terms and conditions of the free WiFi-offer have to be accepted. For using this service, users do not have to pay or to register with their personal information. After you have accepted the terms and conditions, your device will be online for 8 hours.


Without the contribution of several partners within the city-bounds of Salzburg, the WiFi-Network #SalzburgSurft would not be possible. A big Thank-You to all the people and institutions that help to improve Salzburg’s free WiFi initiative!

Click here to see a listing of all partners!


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